Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Internet Evolution

The macrosite for news, analysis and opinion about the future of the internet

This is a vast site , therefore getting around is not easier. If you are a casual observer/browser , it indeed is a macrosite. There is a logo that says "sponsored by ibm" right at the top.That gives the site an aura of credibilty.

Site Layout:
At the left side is a tab that says NEWS , big and bold. And it indeed is a news section worth going through. It is an aggregate of tech and internet related news from sites like,, online news etc. The news is vast and does not necessarily pertain to internet as such,but the tech industry as a whole. It is not a US oriented news section and has sufficient enough coverage about the whole virtual world. Its so long that it stretches right to the bottom of the page.

The site is divided into two sections vertically. The left side is for news and the
RIGHT SIDE, contains various features and contents spread out one over the other like..

a moderated blogosphere of internet experts

various IBM sponsored contents.
an IBM information resource

also unsurprisingly it seems they are in need of moderators for this vast site.

Wanted! Site Moderators

Internet Evolution is looking for a handful of readers to help moderate the message boards on our site – as well as engaging in high-IQ conversation with the industry mavens on our thinkerNet blogosphere. The job comes with various perks, bags of kudos, and GIANT bragging rights. Interested?

Please email: moderators

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