Sunday, July 25, 2010

The longest year..

Back then,an year didn't seem this long,
when I'd had left the house Quarreling,
running down the flight of stairs,
with nothing but my head held high.

Back then an year wasn't this long,
when i ran away from the mad-house,
alone,i was,in the midst of a milling crowd,
alone i am still,with nothing but my shadow along.

I ran,because i had to;
I ran,hoping to see the stars.
Alas,the stars never came,may be the night was cloudy;
the stars never came;maybe they never will.

Now I know,hope isn't a plan;
Now I know,this as the longest year.
But back then when the year didn't seem this long,
i never saw the days in the year,
the hours in the day.

now i know how long an year is
but back then,i never knew...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sachin's 200 a conspiracy??

Many wouldn't like to admit it , but FACTS as they stand out , seem to shed light on the pathetic state of indian cricket and the cancer that's slowly, but surely killing it. A pathetic batting pitch in which one side takes 350+ but the other struggling to reach 250 ? In which one side breaks all the records , but the other trying hard to hold on to the willow? , oh yeah , I've seen it before -
During the Cronje, Azharuddin era..

No one can dispute the batting prowess of sachin , but you gotto check the mental soundness of the South African bowlers and the batsmen who chased these scores.. The same ones chased down the Australian behemoth , with its seemingly insurmountable 400+ scores..

things aren't always what they seem; nor are they otherwise ? Blows your mind , doesn't it!!!

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