Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sachin's 200 a conspiracy??

Many wouldn't like to admit it , but FACTS as they stand out , seem to shed light on the pathetic state of indian cricket and the cancer that's slowly, but surely killing it. A pathetic batting pitch in which one side takes 350+ but the other struggling to reach 250 ? In which one side breaks all the records , but the other trying hard to hold on to the willow? , oh yeah , I've seen it before -
During the Cronje, Azharuddin era..

No one can dispute the batting prowess of sachin , but you gotto check the mental soundness of the South African bowlers and the batsmen who chased these scores.. The same ones chased down the Australian behemoth , with its seemingly insurmountable 400+ scores..

things aren't always what they seem; nor are they otherwise ? Blows your mind , doesn't it!!!

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